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      30/60/90k Service


I'm sure you've heard about this service before. What it really boils down to is that we start by changing all of your fluids. This includes; power steering, engine oil, coolant, brake, transmission and windshield wiper fluid. We give your vehicle a complete inspection to make sure that it's road safe. We lube your suspension and check all belts and hoses for cracks. We even rotate your tires! For a 90k service, we continue by giving your vehicle a full tuneup where we tighten up all your nuts and bolts that might loosen over time. We change your spark plugs while we're at it. This service starts at $89.99 and is well worth the price.

      Brake Service

This is probably one of the most important services you can get. Your vehicle will have a hard time stopping if your brakes aren't properly serviced. This repairs starts with a visual inspection. We have to make sure the break pads still have some life in them. If they look worn, we replace them with brand new, high quality brake pads. We also add in special break lubricate so the pad freely tighten and loosen when needed. This repair starts at $87.50 parts and labor.

      Free Diagnostic

Got a check engine light? Don't freak out, it could be something simple like an oil change. First thing you should do is call us cause we offer free check engine light diagnostics. If your vehicle is acting funny we will check it out for you at no charge. Our techs are great at diagnosing small issues before they become big problems. Don't take your vehicle to a place that charges you for just looking at it. You can't go wrong by coming to us. Contact us today!

30/60/90 Service

Ever wonder what goes into auto repair? You hear terms like 30/60/90k service, or break service, but what actually goes into that? Here at Automotive Solutions we love to educate our clients with our experience. We've seen everything from blown engines, to timing belts shredding, and we've fixed it all. Keep reading to find out how we do our job and what your hard earned money is paying for. Like what you see? Click on the yellow tab to the right to contact us! We have a fast response time.

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